About Me

Hello and Thanks for stopping by. My name is Larry Roper and I am the owner and operator of Boomerang RC Jets.


My RC Flying began some 30 years ago when my wife Laura bought me my first RC airplane. Together we went to a local field and promptly crashed it. From that point on I was hooked on RC Airplanes.


Having grown up in East Boston, MA, I was always hanging out at Boston Logan Airport. That was back in the day when you could go to the control tower and hang out at the observation deck. I would stare through those big huge binoculars that where mounted on a stand and dream of being a pilot someday.


After high school I joined the Army National Guard as an Air traffic Controller. Funny how things work out.


Once I left the Guard I went on to private flight School at Flight Safety International in Vero Beach, Florida. I earned my commercial ratings while there and then furthered my training to earn my Airline Transport Pilot Rating. I flew commercially for a small company back in Beverly, MA and also taught many aspiring pilots to fly.


Through it all I never lost my passion for the world of RC flying. I’ve built and flown many, many models from Airplanes to helicopters and now turbine jets. I was introduced to Turbine RC Jets by my good friend Steve. The jet was a Boomerang Sprint and he didn’t know it at the time, but I was hooked again


Now it is some 5 years later and here I am as the American distributor for the Boomerang line of jets. I have built and flown many boomerangs so you can trust in my experience to assist you with your choice of Boomerang airframes.


Alan Cardash is the original designer of the Boomerang. Alan embodies the true essence of the RC hobby. When Alan decided to get into Turbines there wasn’t anything like the Boomerang available. So he went into his workshop at his home in the U.K. and created it. Then the word got out and the rest is history. Please read his story on the History Tab.


When his sister Patricia decided to retire as the USA distributer for Boomerang I decided to reach out to Alan and see if there was a chance to continue the Boomerang line here in the States and abroad.


After a few discussions over the phone and a tentative handshake deal, it was off to China to visit the family owned factory. From there I had the confidence I needed that the Boomerang Brand was as strong as ever. We shook hands again and now you can be confident that Boomerang is here to stay for a very long time.


My goal is to make buying a Boomerang Jet a simple and pleasant experience for you. I will be there after the sale to assist in whatever way I can to make your Boomerang experience FUN!


Happy Flying,





Me and Alan with factory owners, Cathy, Lap and Elsa at the flying field in Hong Kong March 2015 I’m the handsome one on the left.


This flying site sits on the top of a mountain in Hong Kong. Land short and there is a cliff that drops straight down. No aircraft recovery is possible. On take off, it’s pull up hard and bank right to avoid the mountains.