MB 339

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MB 339 all composite plug and play.
Wingspan 70 inches
Length 73 inches
Channels required 12
Fuel tank 75 ounces
High Voltage / High Torque servos already instaled.
Linkages installed
Servo leads installed.
Header tank included
Smoke tank 380cc with smoke nozzle and pump
Electric retracts and brakes with controller included.
Wing tip lights. Red and green.
Empty weight 19lbs
Full fuel weight 23.5 lbs
Recommended turbine size 6kg - 10kg.
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This is the MB 339 all composite jet by Boomerang RC jets. This jet comes as a plug and play package that includes all servos, hardware, linkages and control horns already installed at the factory. The Fuel system is also installed and plumbed for you as well as the included smoke system. The kit comes with electric retracts, wheels and brakes and they are also factory installed. Also included are the wingtip lights and a complete smoke system and the cockpit tub. When you receive this kit you will only need to add your receiver, batteries and turbine of your choice. Any turbine size from 60 to 100 newtons will fly this jet. The 80 size turbine is the sweet spot of turbine size. With an 80 size turbine you can expect to fly 7 - 8 minute flights with some reserve left in the 75 ounce fuel tank. The air frame is constructed of Airex composite material which is very light yet incredibly strong. The detailing that we are able to achieve with this material is amazing and the MB 339 has plenty of detailing. From rivet lines to exhaust vents you'll be surprised and pleased by the level of detail on this air frame. In fact, I know it will put a smile on your face. The kit now comes standard with the improved high torque / high voltage servos, complete smoke system, upgraded landing gear controller with proportional brakes, wing tip navigation lights. The MB 339 comes shipped to your door anywhere in the world for the Holiday price of $2400 USD. Taxes and duties are the responsibility of the buyer.