XL Thunderbird Scheme

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XL Thunderbird Scheme

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Wingspan 94 inches
Length 97 inches
Weight 28lbs
Turbine 18-30 lbs

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The Boomerang XL is the largest of the Boomerang line up and it draws its size and appearance from the very first Boomerang that Alan Cardash ever designed. Alan wanted a turbine airframe that could do more than just tear holes in the sky at blazing speeds. He wanted a true aerobatic performer. Originally called the “Big Boomer”, Alan had some very specific performance requirements for this airframe. First it had to have light wing loading so it could be a good aerobat. It had to have easy access to the fuselage for maintenance and assembly. It also needed to have a good presence in the air for those of us that don’t have the best eyesight anymore. With a 94” wingspan it is easy to see in the air, yet it breaks down remarkably small when it’s time to pack it up for the trip home. Just like all the Boomerangs do. The flight performance of the Boomerang XL is stunning. From very slow flight to lazy aerobatics and the occasional high speed pass, the XL is simply a joy to fly. Short fields are no problem with an XL (or any of the Boomerangs). Add a bit of crow to increase the wing loading and it will land on strips other jets wouldn’t dare to attempt. The XL is built with a combination of materials. The Fuselage and booms are composite while the center wing, outer wings and the tail plane are of wood construction. All wood components are fully sheeted and covered with genuine OraCover film. Designed to handle from 18-30lb thrust turbines the XL is a winner all around. Just ask the many pilots who fly them.